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Occasionally we will hold surveys and polls on specific issues, which you can find in the sidebar.  Please take the time to let us know your views. 

Survey - scout hall

The Scout Hall on the reserve in Wilson Grove has been slowly deteriorating over the years but we have now heard that Hutt Valley Dojo, who teach traditional Kyokushin Karate, would like to buy the building and refurbish it as a training centre. They have indicated that they would also be happy to share the facility with other similar organisations. The decision will come to the Western Ward Committee for approval, but input from the NRA on your behalf will obviously be an important factor in that decision. Please let us know what you think by voting below. You can also send us an email or post your thoughts via the message box below.

I support the Hutt Valley Dojo refurbishing the old Scout Hall and using it for regular training sessions.

Paths in Normandale

Your committee thinks the Council should develop an off road network of paths through Normandale for pedestrians and cyclists linking existing reserves in Normandale.

Do you agree that Normandale should have a network of off road paths?

3 Responses so far.

  1. Tim says:

    Someone, possibly a ‘gardening business’ has been dumping green garden waste by the culvert adjacent to 103 Miromiro Road for the last few weeks. The latest was yesterday 13th March 2017. This is mostly grass clippings and wandering willie (wandering jew). If anybody knows who is doing this, please get them to stop or alternately report them to the council (preferably both so they can pay for the clean-up).

  2. Melony Wealleans says:

    Having resided in Normandale for just excess of 15 years, I appreciate the services provided by the Association – particularly the inorganic rubbish collection. Whilst I have really only used the service once or twice, I think it is an excellent service for the entire community and would love it to continue. I spend a lot of my weekends away over the winter period and school holidays but if it helps with the service continuing I am happy to assist with collection when available

  3. Erin says:

    Like Melony above, I have lived in Normandale for a number of years and have used the inorganic rubbish collection only a few times. It’s an awesome service – particularly when one doesn’t have a towbar 🙂 I would be very happy to pay and are very appreciative of the volunteers who give up their time. I too am appreciative of the services provided by the Association, and love the new Poto Road Reserve. Thanks guys 🙂

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