Santa and his helpers are getting ready for his 36th Christmas morning visit to Normandale. The parade has become a highlight of our calendar since it began on Christmas Day 1984 under the auspices of the residents’ association.

His parade begins at 10am on Christmas Day at the corner of Poto Road and Stratton Street. The route is Stratton St, Cottle Park Drive, down Normandale Road, Poto Road, Pokohiwi Road, Eastview Grove, Pekanga Road, Taka Grove, Christina Grove, up Normandale Road, Poto Road to Wilson and Martin Groves, down Miromiro Road and up Normandale Road to finish at Pekanga Road soon after 11am.

Santa’s approach will be heralded by a car with a siren.

Santa will be delivering presents and his helpers will throw sweets to those waiting near their mailboxes to greet him.

If you would like Santa to deliver a present or want more information about the event, phone Rosemary 586 4180.

Please have presents to her no later than a week before Christmas Day